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australian marine and landscape artist



The Seagrass project has grown into the Community Coastal Biodiveristy Project and continues in association with the School of the Biological Sciences at the University of Western Australia and the Australian Institute of Marine Science. The project brings scientists out of the academy to deliver community biodiversity surveys and share their knowledge with children and their families. Painting workshops are presented with metropolitan, regional and remote communities to explore and discover the wonder and complexity of coastal and near shore marine environments from the temperate regions of our lovely country to the tropics.


A collaboration between an artist and a scientist.

Angela Rossen Artist
Di Walker Emeritus Winthrop Professor UWA School of Plant Biology

Australia is fringed by seagrass meadows of size and diversity that are matched nowhere else in the world. Seagrass plays a vital role in coastal ecosystems but is under threat as a result of numerous human activities. Much academic research in this area has been and continues to be published in scientific literature especially by our reseachers at The University of Western Australia. The Seagrass Project aims to communicate this understanding to the general public and contribute to creating a culture of conservation through education, exhibitions and publications.

In 2011, Seagrass: A Vital Resource was formalised as an Artist in Residence project with the Oceans Institute at the University of Western Australia to deliver:

  • A series of mixed media artworks that explore the diversity, beauty and fragility of Seagrass and related marine and coastal communities.
  • Environmental Science Art Workshops on coastal ecology in primary schools throughout WA and with community groups.
  • A multi media exhibition to inform and engage the community about the wonder and beauty of our natural treasures and coastal conservation issues and actions.
  • Publications in a range of media on the topic of Seagrass and Coastal ecology to delight and inform. Two eductional books for children have been published in both print and eBook formats in 2013 and 2014. See Media
  • iScopeStand
  • I have redeveloped a concept by an American educator to augment the optics of iPad, tablets and smart phones to create a x25 magnification microscope. The iScopeStand uses digital technology and capabilities already in the classroom and home to reveal under magnification details of the tiniest creatures and subtle and unheralded beauty of plants under magnification. The iScopeStand is a powerful tool for engaging children and community members with the wonder and fragility of nature. The iScopeStands are in production and can be purchased for use in homes and schools.See
  • Coastal Biodiversity Project

The Seagrass Artworks section in the Gallery of this website will display works in progress from the project.