angela rossen

australian marine and landscape artist



I am an Artist. My work is in biodiversity education both with the paintings I create and the biodiversity school and community projects that I deliver. I hope that my artworks will conjure for the viewer something of the wonder and beauty of the plants and animals that I study. I have the good fortune to work with scientists which allows me to broaden and deepen my understanding of nature and of the work they do to monitor human impacts and changes that are happening in natural systems as a result.

We are of nature, part of the complex system of plant, animal and environmental interrelationships that have evolved over our planet’s long history. Each breath we draw should remind us of our debt to the plants that grow the oxygen we need and to the systems that support those plants.

My school and community biodiversity projects aim to grow reconnection to and deeper understanding of the abundance, variety and sheer ingenuity of the natural world - a bounty that has to be conserved and protected for all future generations.